Control & Protect Your Digital Identity

Data Hub Technology Empowers Users To Control Their Data

You Are Always Being Tracked

Contrary to popular belief, the "opt out" button on your devices & apps do little to stop your data from being collected. 


Apps are able to collect data generated from your smartphone's sensors.



Your Phone Is A Treasure Trove of Data

Camera/Light Sensor:

Records data related to ambient light. Data can be used to track daily activities & mobility patterns.

Microphone Sensor:

Can record noise levels in the enviroment. Data can be used to track social & daily activity patterns.

Apps collect this data to build a comprehensive profile of your daily habits. There has never been a way to manage or stop this, until now. 


Records number of unique scans to nearby devices. Data can be used to track social & mobility patterns.

Accelerator Sensor:

Records the length of phone movement. Data can be used to track daily activities & mobility patterns.

Proximity Sensor:

Records the proximity of an object to the phones screen. Data can be used to track daily habits.


Create Your Own Private Security Network

Data Hub Technology allows you to add smart rules directly into your data to dictate which devices & apps can use your data.

Control Your Data Anywhere

Rules that you set follow your data no matter where it goes.

Simple Automation

Data generated by your smartphone is automatically embedded with the permissions you create.

Military Grade Encryption

Your data is protected with strong encryption so no one can access your data without your permission.

Control The Number Of Devices & Apps Using Your Data

Decide who gets access to your data by quickly adding or removing devices & apps from your private network.


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